Palaeodictyum w Karpatach fliszowych

Wiesław Nowak



On the area of the. FIysch Carpathian, Palaeodictyum (Glenodictyum carpathicum) is known since the times·of J. Matyasovszky (1878, 1879, C. M.Paul & Tietze (1879).

In the Carpathians, Palaeodictyum has been found at an enormous number of localities; in order to emphasize the abundance of its appearance in a certain complex of Eocene deposits, J. Nowak (1924) introduced into the stratigraphy of the Carpathian Flysch the term "Palaeodictyum beds" *.

At present, the occurrence of Palaeodictyum for in the Carpathians is known from almost all stratigraphic-tectonic units, and from the, majority of their members too, beginning with the Lower Cretaceous up to the Oligocene.

From the Lower Cretaceous we know Palaeodictyum from the Cieszyn (Teschen) limestones of the Silesian unit, from the localities Buczyna and Goleszów - where their specimens have been found sporadically. From the Grodzisk shales in the Silesian unit are known specimens found in the region of Międzyrzecze-Rudzica, of Biała-Leszczyny, and of Kozy Małe.

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