Budowa geologiczna antykliny Justynowa koło Łodzi

Sylwester Marek



The geological structure of Jutynów has been generally sketched on the basis of gravimetric investigations carried out by S. Pawłowski (1953a). In order to elucidate the gravimetric picture, the Geological Institute undertook geological studies which·made possible a general cognizance of the geological structure and the preparation of a stratigraphical-facial description of the Vesoulian, the Bathonian and the Callovion. The degree of cognizance of the Malm is very slight, because it was possible to obtain but fragments of the section of the Oxfordian, Rauracian, Astartian and Kimmeridgian.

The Justynów structure is situated in the northwestern part of the Inowłodź-Gielniów anticline, in the vicinity of the Łódź basin, a great tectonic unit. This structure appears on a distinct closed gravimetric minimum; surrounded by indicated highs, and covers the area of an ellipse elongated along its northwest-south-east axis. The undertaken bore-holes disclosed the existence of an elevation of the older substratum, with the features of an elongated anticline. The greatest observed defect of masses (about 18 mgl) coincides with outcrops of the anticline's western flank, not with the Dogger deposits which are markedly lighter, and which form the core of the structure. The source of these gravimetric symptoms are presumably Zechstein salt masses which failed to pierce the superimposed formations, but caused their marked uplift.

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