Porównanie utworów czerwonego spągowca okolic Nowej Rudy i Świerzawy

Kazimierz Dziedzic


I n t r o d u c t i o n. Continental sediments of the Lower Permian appear in the Sudeten Mountains in two regions: the first is the lntrasudetic Basin, the second - Góry Kaczawskie (Katzbachgebirge). In both of them the Lower Permian consists of detrital and volcanic sediments. Rocks of volcanic origin appear within the range of the detrital sediments, occupying. the middle part of the Lower Permian.

In the Intrasudetic Basin the Lower Permian starts out with the Lower Rothliegendes (Cuseler Schichten), in Góry Kaczawskie, as suggested by H. Scupin (1922, 1931), the Rotliegendes is supposed to start with the Middle Rotliegendes (Lebacher Schichten). According to H. Scupin; the Lower Permian volcanism in Góry Kaczawskie has probably been younger too than the Permian volcanism in the Intrasudetic Basin.

In the present paper, the author discusses the Lower Permian sediments in the Intrasudetic Basin and compares them with the sediments of the Lower Permian appearing in Góry Kaczawskie. He arrives at the conclusion that in both areas sedimentation started at approximately the same time.

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