O nowych występowaniach dykitu w Polsce

Hubert Gruszczyk, Jan Kubisz



Thus far, two occurrences of dickite AI4(Si4O10) (OH)s have been described in Poland: at Nowa Ruda in Lower Silesia, and in the Carpathian Flysch at Osielec. The authors have ascertained the presence of dickite within the sediments of the Carpathian Flysch at Męcina, Zawadka and Binczarowa, as well as in the Lower Devonian quartzite series at Wiśniówka near Zagnańsk (Święty Krzyż Mountains).

The geological conditions of the occurrence of dickite at Męcina are shown on a diagrammatic map of this outcrop (Fig. 2). This mineral is being found in the fissures of a sandstone, mineralized by chalcocite and malachite, amidst variegated red shales belonging to the Magura series. The occurrence of dickite at Zawadka is connected with the silexes of the Menilite series of the Silesian unit. At Binoczarowa dickite has been found in the shape of coatings on sandstones of the Magura series. On the area of the Święty Krzyż Mountains, dickite has been observed in the Wiśniówka Mała quarry, in the shape of white coatings on fissures of quartzites occurring in thin complexes of greenish-red argillaceous shales within the Lower Devonian quartzites.

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