Malm w wierceniu Piekary

Zofia Dąbrowska



In the Piekary bore-hole, the Malm is developed in two differing facies. The Divesian, the Nevisian and the lowermost part of the Argovian are grey silty marls, corresponding to the facies occurring in the Mogilno - Łódź Synclinorium and the Kujawy - Pomorze Anticlinorium. On the other hand, the major part of the Argovian, the Rauracian and the Astartian are represented by reef limestones, attained here by boring for the first time in the Polish Lowland.

During the entire Malm there existed, at Piekary, a moderately deep sea. However; this basin has been open and abounded in oxygen. At the beginning of the Malm a fairly large afflux of terrigenous material took place; later on, a reef facies predominated, of more than.140 m. thickness. The Piekary reef limestones were produced on an oblique plane, formed by the then developing slope of the Fore Sudetic monocline.

The plentifully occurring ammonites make it possible to fix here in detail the stratigraphy. However, both the foraminifers and the Rhynchonellae are linked with the facies to such an extent that on their basis stratigraphical conclusion a may not be drawn, - the more so since the lithological development of the individual stages of the Malm is so very little typical.

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