Zespoły megasporowe karbonu ostrawsko-karwińskiego

Soña Dybová



In this paper, the author reports on the results of her recent megaspore investigation carried out in the southwestern part of the Upper Silesian Cool Basin (region of Ostrava-Karvina). These investigations embraced the section beginning with the Pietrzkowice beds (Lower Namurian A) to the Dubrava beds (Westphalian A). Due to their high, degree of carbonization, the coal seams of the lowermost strata (Pietrzkowice and Lower Hrusov beds) did not contain any preserved megaspore exynes.

Compared with previous studies carried out by U. Horst (1943, 1955), the author discovered in 54 investigated coal seams a number of megaspores hitherto not observed in this region, and belonging to 15 different genera.

The megaspore associations discovered in the individual seams show a distinct analogy with corresponding associations from other parts of the Upper Silesian Basin. The maximum extent of index megaspore species the author has presented in Table 1.

Among the megaspores of the marginal beds, attention should be called to those Lower Carboniferous species which terminate their extent within the individual members of the marginal (Ostrava) beds. Many of the observed species show a stratigraphical extent analogous with their extent in the Carboniferous sediments of other European Basins.

Furthermore, she ascertained that, in the structure of coal seams of the various horizons, the quantitative presence of megaspores, as far as their floral appurtenance is concerned, is very different in the various members of the investigated section (Table 1), similarly as in the entire Upper Silesian Carboniferous.

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