Charakterystyka mikropaleontologiczna wezulu i batonu Niżu Polskiego

Olga Pazdrowa


MICROPALAEONTOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF VESULIAN AND BATHONIAN OF POLISH LOWLAND On the basis of the micropalaeontological analysis of sections of the Vesulian and the Bathonian from 8 regions of the Polish Lowland, the author presents on the attached table, the stratigraphical ranges of foraminifers which, in a number of sections, disclose certain regularities of occurrence.

Unfortunately, only in the region I the section is relatively complete and has been based on a dozen or so of drillings. In other regions, stratigraphical breaks (such as in regions II and III) or a considerably sandiness of parts of the sediments (such as in regions IV to VII) causes discontinuities in the spread of the foraminifers.

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