Zdjęcie szlichowe okolicy Złotego Stoku

Maria Chorowska



The "slick" mapping carried out in the region of Złoty Stok represents an attempt at utilizing this method of analyzing heavy minerals in the search for primary arsenic and copper deposits, and possibly too for cassiterite or tungsten minerals.

The examinations executed here gave negative results as to the probability of the arsenic ore body hitherto known at Złoty Stok extending further. On the other hand, the analysis of heavy minerals revealed that the marginal part of the syenite in the Złoty Stok region is most probably connected with the occurrence of copper ores. No cassiterite was detected in the collected samples.

Besides information on occurring raw materials, the discussed method of mapping made it possible to draw mineralogical conclusions too. The distinguished associations of heavy minerals, consisting of 1) staurolite, garnet, andalusite, tourmaline, and 2) zircon, garnet, sillimanite, characterize two different rock complexes, i.e. metamorphic rocks and rocks of a syenite massif. Moreover, the analysis of heavy minerals might prove useful for revisions in the geological map, since by the use of web analyses a conformity has been revealed between the boundary of syenite and metamorphic rocks, shown in the geological map; and the boundary indicated by examinations of slick samples; in a similar way. The conformity observed during these examinations between the appearance of hornblende in samples and the occurrence of the hornblende shists in the series of metamorphic rocks indicate the possibility of application of heavy minerals analysis for correction of geological map.

During laboratory examinations, observations were made as to the quantitative content of heavy minerals in the individual fractions of slick samples; it was determined that an accurately executed analysis of the fraction containing grains of less than 0:25 mm. size yields a satisfactory pictured of the content of heavy minerals in the entire slick sample.

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