Margle globigerynowe z rejonu fałdu Podzamcza

Jan Jasionowicz



During geological investigations carried out do 1958-1959 by the Carpathian Regional Section of the Geological Institute in ·the region of the Podzamcze fold near Jasło, Globigerina marls were determined in numerous bore-hole sections; four of these sections were described in detail as to their lithological composition. The microfauna was investigated by J. Blaicher; the results of these examinations are presented in a separate paper.

The Globigerina marl appear directly on top of green shales and are overlain by the Subsilex strata of the Menilite beds. Their thickness varies from 3.7 to 8.1 m. These marls, especially their central part, are hard; they are of bluishgrey, locally greenish colour; after weathering they assume a cream colour. The overlying Subsilex strata are developed as brown and black shales, frequently limy with intercalations of sandstones of Krosno type sandstones.

In the area of the Polish Carpathians, the Globigerina marls are known from the Skole, the Subsilesian and the Silesian unit and from the Dukla folds. Beyond Polish territory, they occur in the Eastern Carpathians, in Romania and in Moravia. In view of their wide range within the Carpathians and their occurrence everywhere in an identical stratigraphical position, they may be looked upon as an important correlative horizon.

Taking into consideration the age of the green shales, the Hieroglyphic beds and other sediments underlying the Globigerina marls, as well as the age of the Menilite beds covering the Globigerina marls, it seems probable that the Globigerina marls can not comprise more than the middle part of the Bartonian.

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