Tournaisian 40Ar/39Ar age for alkaline basalts from the Lublin Basin (SE Poland)

Magdalena Pańczyk, Jerzy Nawrocki


The main aim of this study is to define precisely the age of the alkaline basalts occurring  within the lowermost part of Carboniferous succession in the northeastern part of LublinBasin(drill core Parczew IG-7 and IG-9; SE Poland). The new, whole-rocks 40Ar/39Ar data constrain the age of volcanic activity and emplacement of alkaline basalts to the Late Tournaisian (348 ± 0.8 Ma) with possible prolongation to the Middle Visean (338.5 ± 0.7 Ma). The younger age is however of evidently poorer quality than the older one. The new data caused to correlate the volcanic processes occurring within theLublinBasin with alkaline intrusions drilled inNE Poland inside the Paleozoic cover of the East European Platform. They also correspond to the volcanoclastic levels defined in different parts of the Trans European Suture Zone inPoland.


alkaline basaltic rocks, Ar-Ar geochronology, Carboniferous, Lublin Basin

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