Metoda sporządzania Przeglądowej Mapy Hydrogeologicznej Polski

Cyryl Kolago



Work on the General Hydrogeological Map of Poland, started in 1955 by the Geological Institute, is nearing completion. This map, based on material on hand, is being prepared in two edition A and B. In edition A is shown, by means of colored areas, the depth to the first water table without, however, taking into account water resources. Edition B presents, according to the degree of our knowledge, the water resources of given region; this is done by means of such elements as dots (black), contours and colored areas. Subquaternary water-bearing horizons are shown in the Polish Lowland mainly by stratoisohypses, whereas in Southern Poland they are, indicated on the basis of individual hydrogeological regions(units).

For the Quaternary there have been distinguished zones of greater water resources and zones which practically are devoid of underground waters. As supplementary data, Edition A indicates on its margin the principal geomorphological elements, while Edition B records the thickness of the Quaternary. Moreover; the map comprises an explanatory text, with diagrams and cross sections, and with a list of bore holes .shown in the map (their profiles interpreted as to their hydrogeology).

In general outlines the method of preparing this map has been laid down leaving, however, to the various authors sufficient leaveway in dealing with their respective regions.

In this first serial Polish Hydrogeological Map the interpretation of facts and of spatial conceptions has been made very carefully, thus indicating areas where resources of underground waters are inadequately recognized.

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