Field mapping of buried faults – a new approach applied in the Western Carpathians

Frantisek Marko, Marian Dyda, Vojtech Gajdoš, Kamil Rozimant, Andrej Mojzeš


Fault array in an area covered by Quaternary sediments and deprived of bedrock outcrops was investigated using fault trace mapping by geophysical methods and human feedback information from dowsing. The tectonics in the study area is dominated by a ENE-WSW fault zone affecting regional-scale structures. The fault network was approximated by dowsing-enhanced mapping and subsequently confirmed by field geophysical measurements using electromagnetic and radon emanometry methods. A resultant detailed map of structural discontinuities highlighted that combined dowsing and geophysical survey is an effective and reliable tool to identify buried faults. This approach with its low costs and fast field recognition is highly recommended for construction-work planning and for mineral resources exploration and exploitation.


faults, geophysical survey, dowsing, Western Carpathians

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