Starsze ogniwa kredowe frydeckiej serii podśląskiej

Janina Liszkowa, Wiesław Nowak



In the zone of Lanckorona Pisarzowicka (Figs. 1, 2, 3 of the Polish text) new members of the Frydek series were established ranging to the Lower Cretaceous inclusive. These are: 1) b I a c k  m a r I y  s h a l e s with agglutinating microfauna and scarce calcareous microfauna (see list and table of microfauna in the Polish text); 2) b I a c k  n o n-c a I c a r e o u s  s h ale s with agglutinating micro-fauna (see Polish text); here the species H. champani, D. filiformis and G. beskidensis, as well as Nassellaria indicate that these shales are time equivalent of the Wierzowice beds (transition to the Grodischt beds);. 3) d a r k  s p o t t e d  s h a I e s with agglutinating microfauna (see Polish text). Their development, geological position, and microfauna (numerous P. alternans and H. gigas minor) show them to be of identical age as that of the Lgota beds.

In the shape of small tectonic push. blocks were discovered: 3a) g a i z e s. (corresponding to the upper gaize beds), 3b)·s p o n g i o l i t e s  and 3c) m a n g a n e s e  s h a le s with numerous radiolaria (Spumellaria), constituting important horizons at the boundary between the Lower and the Upper Cretaceous.

Furthermore, there were distinguished: 4)P i s a r z o w i c e  b e d s (time equivalent of the Godula series) with a - green radiolarian shales (radiolaria; sponge spicules), b - marly limestones (type of siliceous marls) with foraminifers (Globigerina), radiolaria (Spummellaria) and Pithonella ovalis,found in this sections, c - red argillaceous and marly shales (with spongy elements). In the green shales consisting the essential mass of the Pisarzowice beds, a microfauna was found (see Polish text) indicating the uppermost Cenomanian; the Turonian and the lower Senonian. The profile discussed here is terminated by 5) - the F r y d e k  m a r l s containing typical planctonic microfauna of the Campanian-Maestrichtian, and by 6) - g r e e n - b row n  s h a I e s with agglutinating microfauna of lower Eocene character.

The Cretaceous and the Palaeogene sediments of the Frydek series are in a lower tectonic position than those of the Cieszyn Neocomian, and of the accompanying tectonic push blocks of variegated sediments of the Upper Cretaceous and Palaeogene in the Subsilesian series.

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