Ochrona zasobów przyrody nieożywionej ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem prac Instytutu Geologicznego

Stefan Kozłowski




Forty years pass in 1966 since the creation time of the Commission for Protection of Nature in the State Geological Institute in Warsaw. This Commission was called into being owing to the initiative of S. Małkowski, the great and indefatigable worker in the field of protection of inanimate nature in Poland. The activity of the Commission supported also by many geologists of the Geological Institute embraced numerous conservation-evidential works, as well as editorial action. The Commission issued a special periodical “Zabytki przyrody nieożywionej ziem Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej”. After the World War II the previous direction in this field changes and the protection of natural resources becomes a question of moment. The natural resources are being understood as all and whole natural conditions embracing landscape, plant cover, water relations a.o. A necessity of landscape protection in some areas is strongly connected with the increasing industrialization and urbanization of the country. Respectively great recreation and rest areas are now necessary for large cities and industrial centres. To protect the area foreseen for rest and recreation against devastation numerous landscape parks are projected. Fig. 2 in the Polish text presents the proposed landscape parks to be arranged in the southern areas of Poland. This project has been elaborated in the Laboratory of Planing and Landscape Protection at the Technical University in Cracow. The Geological Institute plays an important part in shaping the future industrial centres and the landscape parks. Protection of the natural resources should be taken into consideration already during the preliminary elaboration of perspectives and of hydrogeological conditions. The Geological Institute, in a close co-operation with the State Council for Nature Protection, should conduct systematical works giving a basis for rational use of the existing natural resources.

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