Eocen z Siemienia koło Parczewa

Emil Woźny




Within the framework of elaboration of the Polish Tertiary fauna investigations were made in the years 1964 - 1965 of the Tertiary deposits occurring in the vicinities of the village Siemień, near Parczew, south eastern area of Poland. Here, on the partly eroded and weathered upper Cretaceous deposits rests 50 cm thick layer of glauconite sand with phosphorite concretions, containing from 10,9 to 16,5% P2O5, covered with 2 m thick bed of grey, arenaceous-marly clay revealing strongly weathered fauna of coral, bryozoans, lamellibranchs, gastropods, spicules of echinoids and fish teeth. The deposits mentioned above crop out in the vicinity of the Siemień pond, and dip towards northwest to hidden under the Quaternary deposits. Elaboration of the fauna found in the marly clays allows to determine their age as Upper Eocene and to relate the deposits under consideration with similar deposits occurring in the area of Poland and in the southwestern regions of the USSR, as well as to determine the connection between the Upper Eocene marine basin of Poland with the South Europe seas and the seas of England and northern and western areas of France. A rich material of pectens and oysters allowed to put in order the taxonomy of both groups.

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