Wstępne opracowanie profilu karbonu z Ostrzeszowa

Antoni Marian Żelichowski



The bore hole Ostrzeszów is situated north of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. The Carboniferous formations in the siltstone-arenaceous lithofacies were found to occur under·the Rotliegendes deposits, at a depth of 1751m. On goniatite fauna, the occurrence of the Dinantian deposits resting at a depth of 2500-1936m. and the Silesian ones, 1936-1751 m., were distinguished. Within the Dinantian, the upper Visean deposits disclosing two horizons were determined, viz: Goniatites striatus horizon (2500-2176 m.) and upper part of Goniatites granosus horizon (2176-1936 m.). Within the Silesian there were distinguished only deposits of lower Namrurian A. When comparing with the Silesia-Moravia zone, the following members may be distinguished from 2500 m. to 2176 m. -equivalent of the Kietlickie beds (Hradeckie greywakes), from 2176m. to 1936m. - equivalent of the lower Bilowieckie beds, and from 1936m. to 1825m. - eqruivalent of the upper Bilowieckie beds and 1825+1751 m. - equivalent of the Hluczyńskie beds. In the paper, the author expresses also his opinion on belonging of the Kietlickie beds to Goniatites striatus horizon. During investigations there have also been ascertained repeated thickness reductions existing in the discussed equivalents of beds of the Silesia-Moravia zone. Moreover, it should be mentioned here that the Sudetic·orogeny phase (after Stille's conception) is not to be seen in the profile under discussion.

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