Tektonika wapieni w Stroniu Śląskim

Józef Oberc



The Pre-Cambrian series of mica schists occurring in the Viciruty of Stronie Śląskie within metamorphicum of Śnieźnik, contains intercalations of quartzites, amphibolites and limestones. These latter are exposed in the active quarry on the Krzyżnik Mt. The limestone seam constitutes ,a syncline dipping towards NNE, as proved by intersections and lineary structures plunging in this direction. The syncline is cut on the north by the north Krzyżnik fault which, in all probability, may be a reverse one. This syncline is overfolded by the Krzyżnik slice, the core of which consists of mica schists, and the syncline belonging to the slice is built up of amphibolites. A small mass of mica schists makes the core of the syncline.

The Krzyżnik unit is cut also by the northern fault of Krzyżnik Mt. on the north, and by the southern fault of the same name, probably being also a reverse fault, on the south.

Main folding processes took place in this area before the Pre-Cambrian time. Tectonical transport was directed towards the west. The two faults described above, probably reverse ones, are connected with the younger, most likely Caledonian movements perhaps, however, with the Variscian ones.

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