Glacitektonika wgłębnaWzgórz Dalkowskich

Józef Wroński




The present paper explains the mechanism of shaping the forms of glacitectonic disturbance. Two kins of forms of galcitectonic disturbance have been distinguished: 1 – forms of disturbance of elastic glacitectonics, and 2 – forms of disturbance of plastic glacitectonics. According to the present author, the former ones originated during the continental glacier transgression, owing to the freezing of the substratum to the glacier. The latte ones, in turn, age a result of the discharge of plastic substratum, during the continental glacier regression. Plastic substratum, law of temperature drop of water freezing under the influence of pressure, and from of the substratum of plastic formations, are the main causes of shaping the plastic glacitectonic forms. During the regression of continental glacier from the areas covered with ice, plastic material was pushed towards the areas already deprived of glacier. The plastic material, squeezed out before the continental glacier margin, has lifted up the formations of glacier accumulation. According to the author, this is way to explain here the genesis of the southern margin of the Wzgórza Dalkowskie (Dalkowskie Hills).

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