Zagadnienie określenia dokładności anomalii Bouguera

Andrzej Grobelny




The problem of accuracy of Bouguer anomaly has been solved by means of an analysis of the factors influencing formula for this anomaly.
In particular, the following problems have been analysed: 1– accuracy estimation of the measured value g, and question of proper equalizing the local network, related to the accuracy; 2 – estimation of error of Bouguer reduction; 3 ­– determination of error of normal acceleration g0 for the boundary latitudes of Poland.
Beside the determination of errors in general form, their concentrate values have also been calculated.
Applynig a high class apparatuses (Askania Gs 11, Sharpe) to determine the altitude of a point by technical levelling, with an accuracy ± 0.1g/cm3, and the density of reduction layer, with an accuracy ± 10 cm we obtain the error of anomaly (on the map on a scale 1 : 50 000) amounting to ± 0,6 mgl. The function 0,04l922 x H2m2 being part of an expression determining the error is here the main factor responsible for such a high value of error.
In order to obtain an increased accuracy of Bouguer anomaly, the author proposes to take, instead of one, two reference horizons for calculations.

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