Trzeciorzęd w rejonie Wielichowo-Błotnica

Dariusz Osijuk



The article deals with some problems concerning lithology of the Tertiary deposits and presence of coal in the region of Wielichowo-Błotnica, southwest of Poznań.

The Tertiary substratum of the region under discussion is built up of the Rhaetic and Liassic deposits. These members are band-like arranged to each other and run in a NW-SE direction. On the Mesozoic substratum, the Tertiary formations rest discordantly being here represented by deposits of Oligocene-Miocene and Pliocene age. These deposits are completely covered by the Quaternary formations.

In the whole area under study the occurrences of brown coal may be observed. The brown coal does not occur as an uniform seam and is not of commercial value. The maximum thickness of the coal is 8,9m . The linear relation of over-burden to deposit ranges from 10,7 : 1 to 135,1 : 1. There occur here two coal series and seven lenses of brown coal.

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