Wstępne uwagi o karbonie w depresji północnosudeckiej

Jerzy Milewicz, Teresa Górecka



The paper deals with the preliminary results of geological and micropalaeontological·studies of the oldest deposits occurring in the North-Sudetic depression. The studies proved the occurrence of Upper Carboniferous deposits in the southern part of this unit. Here, were encountered WestfaIian B, Westfalian D and Stephanian.

The area between Lubań in the west, and Świerzawa in the east, was preliminarily investigated and 8 profiles of the Carboniferous series were described, 6 of them being palynological studied. The results of these studies are summed up in Tab. 1 and on photographs.

The investigations have also shown the presence of two Upper Carboniferous basins in the Polish part of the North-Sudetic depression. The basin of the Westfalian B occurs only in the vicinity of Jędrzychowice north of Zgorzelec, and embraces a small area. The second one, formed in the Westfalian D, persisted, throughout the Stephanian up to the Lower Rotliegendes. This basin extends from the vicinities of Lubań in the west, as far as the region of Świerzawa in the east. The present occurrence of the Carboniferous deposits in exposures is not continuous, and owing to the dislocations at the southern ,boundary of the North-Sudetic depression, the deposits are often broken off there, where the throw of fault is greater than the thickness of the Carboniferous ones. So far, the width of this basin has not been determined.

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