Górny wizen (warstwy gułaczowskie) w synklinie piotrowskiej

Halina Żakowa, Jadwiga Pawłowska



In the present paper the Carboniferous deposits occurring in the easternmost area of the Palaeozoic of the Święty Krzyż Mts., are for the first time described in detail. Here, they constitute the youngest formations of the Piotrów syncline overturned to the south (Fig. 5) and occur about 3 km north-west of Łagów (Fig. 1). In the area studied 108 diggings and 7 test pits have been made in the vicinities of Piotrów-Gułaczów, Piotrów-Zagościniec and Piotrów-Zajasienie. A patr of the diggings uncovered only the Quaternary deposits (68-78, 24, 27, 28, 36, 96, 101, 104, 106, 42, 43, 61, 98, 79, 82, 84 and 87). Some of the diggings were sunk to the Upper Devonian, that is to the Frasnian (66, 67, 39-41 and 83) and Famennian (95, 97, 108 and 65, probably also 49, as well as 90-93, 88, 33, 29, 31, 30, 80, 85 and 86). In the digging 81 the Givetian limestones have also been encountered. The remaining diggings discovered the Carboniferous deposits,. i.e. dark grey, strongly weathered, soft and hard, siliceous-clayey and siliceous shales, greywackes and greywacke shales with flora, described in the Polish text. Sphaerosiderites are rarely found in this series.

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