Złoże soli kamiennej Moszczenica-Łapczyca na zachód od Bochni

Aleksander Garlicki




In the years 1964-1968 prospections were conducted by the Geological Institute and the Salt Mine Bochnia for salt deposits in the area Moszczenica-Łapczyca, in the vicinity of Bochnia. As a result of the prospecions new rock salt deposit was discovered, and a continuation of salt deposits was ascertained along a distance of about 10 km (from Łężkowice to Bochnia). In the Miocene formations found to occur in the vicinity of Bochnia, three tectonic units were distinguished: autochthonous unit (At), overthrust lower unit (Al 1), and overthrust upper unit (Al 2). The rock salt deposit occurs in the overthrust lower unit adjacent in the north to the autochthonous unit. In the south, the overthrust lower unit adjoins the overthrust upper unit and the Carpathian flysch.

Rocks salt layers and clay-anhydrite layers make in the deposit a system of folds and scales. These intense tectonic complications make any presentation of the intrinsic structure of the deposit impossible. The width of the rock salt deposit Moszczenica-Łapczyca amounts to 400-500 m. In the eastern part of the area the depositional zone is narrowed to widen again in the deposit Bochnia.Banded and lined salts that correspond to the middle salts in the mine Bochnia are most wide-spread. The type of northern salts of Bochnia, characterized by a large amount of anhydrite and clay, is represented, as well. Thicknesses of the individual salt layers range from 5 to 20 m. Average contents of some components in the whole deposit are as follows: NaCl - about 85% particles insoluble in water - about l2%, CaSO4 - about 3%. Several samples were also analysed for potassium and magnesium content and the results are: K - 0,0-0,04%, Mg – 0,0-0,5%. Exploitable salt reserves of the deposit were calculated, according to the boundaries ascertained, within an area of 1,5 km2. These reserves amount to about 100 mllion tons of rocks salt. The salt reserves of the deposit Moszczenica-Łapczyca area considerable store for the neighbouring salt mines.


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