Zagadnienie surowców kaolinowych w Polsce

Mieczysław Budkiewicz, Bronisław Bednarczuk, Janusz Biernat


The paper deals with the most important problems concerning demand, occurrence and possibilities of enriching home kaolin mineral raw materials.

The country's resources of kaolin mineral raw materials are characterized and conditions of their geological occurrence in the Izerskie Mts, Sowie Mts and within the granite massifs Strzelin - Żulowa and Strzegom - Sobótka are discussed. In the part dealing with the conditions of geological occurrence of these mineral raw materials, clayey sands occurring in the Bolesławiec trough have been characterized, too.

Moreover, the most important trends in search for kaolin mineral raw materials are discussed, as well.

In addition, some results of enrichment of the country's clay mineral raw material are given in the final part of the paper. It has also been stated that a possibility exists to replace some imported kaolins by the kaolin·of home production.

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