Górnojurajskie osady bagienne w otworze wiertniczym Jarczów (Tomaszów Lubelski IG I)

Teresa Niemczycka



The lithologic-stratratigraphical section of the MaIm deposits occurring in the Lublin part of the marginal synclinorium recognized due to the boreholes Cieszanów, Ruda Lubycka and Tyszowce (A. M. Żelichowski, 1961; T. Niemczycka, 1964), may be completed with new data obtained in the bore hole Jarczów. In this bore hole, situated between Ruda Lubycka and Tyszowce, terrigenous boggy deposits, grey in colour, represented by mudstones and sandstones, subordinately also by conglomerates with abundant charred flora, rhizoides and coal fragments, have been encountered between the terrigenous variegated deposits, the so-called Tyszowce series (A. M. Żelichowski, 1961) and the calcareous deposits of the Cieszanów series. The situation of these deposits in lithological section (Fig. 2) allows to regard them as the lower part of the Jarczów series and to refer them to the Middle Oxfordian. Similar deposits (at the bottom - terrigenous grey; higher up- variegated) are known to occur in the Lvov trough. W. I. Slavin and W. J. Dobrinina (1958) have distinguished them as the so-called Sokal series. Since, the opinions on the character and age of this series have changed. Interesting is here an opinion (W. N. Utrobin, 1002; W. G. Dulub, 1964) consisting in a distinct separation of variegated and coaI-bearing deposits, as well as the parallelization of these latter with the Middle Jurassic marine deposits corresponding to the deposits occurring below the Cieszanów series (Fig. 2). However, the Jurassic deposits pierced in the bore hole Jarczów force to revise the opinion under consideration. Coal-bearing deposits of the Sokal series (Wielkie Mosty, Kamionka Buska, Sokal) should be parallelized with the boggy deposits of the Jarczów series, as proved by both situation of these deposits in lithological section and common character of the whole series, continental at the lower part, and lagoonal-continental at the upper.

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