Badania geochemiczne węgli z pokładów warstw żaclerskich Zagłębia Wałbrzyskiego

Henryk Pendias



Coal seams from the Żacler beds were an object of geochemical researches. In the area of the Lower Silesian Coal Basin, the Żacler beds being an important productive series are, together with the Wałbrzych and Bialy Kamień beds, the -third successive srtatigraphical member, and are referred to the upper part of the Westfalian A and to the Westfalian B.

The geochemical researches of the coals from the Żacler beds of the Wałbrzych Coal Basin are based on the results of complete chemical analyses of coal ashes and on the contents of some trace elements (Cu, Ag, Sn, Ni, Co, Cr, Mo, V, Pb, Zn, Ge, Ga and In).

Considerably great variations in the occurrence of main components and of trace elements have been ascertained in the coal ashes examined. Concentrations of numerous trace elements depend upon ash content in coal, strictly speaking, upon the ratio of constitutional ash to extraneous ash. In addition, some elements are connected with certain seams or regions of the basin considered. As far as the determined microelements are concerned the highest concentrations are connected with Pb and Zn, the lowest ones with In. According to the values of concentration coefficients, i.e. in relation to the mean contents in the sedimentary rocks, the elements may be arranged as follows: Pb > Ag> Mo > Zn > Cu > Ge > Co > <Cr > V > Ni > Ga > Sn.

As a result of the researches hers considered the author has stated that characteristic concentrations of an assemblage of trace elements, and mutual relations of some elements may serve, considering the changing ash contents, as a starting point for geochemical parallelization of coal seams.


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