Zespoły sporowo-pyłkowe z pogranicza karbonu i permu okolic Okrzeszyna

Janina Jerzykiewicz




A rich assemblage of spores and pollen grains (Fig. 3, Tab. 1) has been found in the shale and sandy shale samples collected from four exposures in the south-western part of the Intra-Sudetic depression. The microflora from the shale (exposure 1 and 2) indicates that the shales should be classified into Autunian-Stephanian. Sporomorphs with trilete marks are extremely rare and represented by the genera: Leiotriletes, Calamospora, Cyclogranisporites, and Verrucosisporites. There is a regression of the genus Lycospora. The amount of monolete forms increases; Laevigatosporites, Punctatosporites, Thymospora, Spinosporites, and Speciososporites make up 56%. Among the monosaccata pollen grains Florinites makes up 10-20%, Wilsonia disappears (5%), and the share of the genus Potonieisporites increases (5-30%). The microflora separated from sandy shales from exposure 3 and 4 (Fig. 2) belongs to the Autunian. The above is supported by the almost complete disappearance of microspores with trilete mark. Only Calamospora (2-10%) and Cyclogranisporites (3-6%) are widespread. The genus Lycospora disappears almost completely (0-1%). The amount of monelete sporomorphs decraeses and averages 30-35%. Spruce and Cordaites pollens become increasingly more significant. Pollen grains of the genera Florinites, Potonieisporites, and Cordaitina make up 38-40%. Occasionally Wilsonia has been recognized. Bisaccata pollen grains (2-4%) appear and chiefly the Pityosporites genera. The lack of other genera of Disaccites is striking. The variability of the spore-pollen assemblage of shales and sandy shales reflects the variability at the flora. In the lower part of the beds examined a microfloristic assemblage has been preserved that still bears affinities to the humidphilous Carboniferous flora, while the upper part of the sequence contains a typical Permian microfloristic assemblage of the continental climate.

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