Magnetostratigraphy of the Buntsandstein (Lower Triassic) in the Gorzów Wielkopolski IG 1 borehole, eastern German Basin in Poland: evidence of substantial diachronism of palynostratigraphic macrospore zones

Anna Becker, Jerzy Nawrocki


Palaeomagnetic research on the lower and middle Buntsandstein section of the Gorzów Wielkopolski IG 1 borehole, located in middle western Poland, showed the possibility of existence of short reversed subzones within the first normal polarity zone of the lowermost Buntsandstein (magnetozone Tbn1). The earlier established magnetozones Tbn2 and Tbn4 were not detected. The stratigraphic gap between the middle and upper Buntsandstein included at least magnetozones Tbn6 and Tbr6. The magnetostratigraphic correlation between the investigated section and the Otyń IG1 section indicates a substantial diachronism of palynostratigraphic zones based on macrospores in the lowermost and middle Buntsandstein.


Buntsandstein; magnetostratigraphy; Gorzów Wielkopolski IG 1; Triassic; western Poland

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