Discovery of an earliest Triassic, post-extinction foraminiferal assemblage above the Permian-Triassic boundary, Strandzha nappes, north-west Turkey

Cengiz Okuyucu, Daria Ivanova, Yavuz Bedi, Ali Ergen


A new foraminiferal fauna from Early Triassic (Induan) strata of the Çaglayik section on the “Strandzha Massif”, north-west Turkey, comprises five species precisely determined and five species in open nomenclature belonging to ten genera. They belong to the post-extinction foraminiferal assemblage of the Permian-Triassic crisis, characterized by the presence of both disaster taxa (Earlandia and Postcladella kalhori) and Lazarus taxa (Diplosphaerina inaequalis, ?Rectostipulina quadrata, Arenovidalina sp. and Glomospira sp.). The present study at Tütünlüktepe Formation identified for the first time the Permian foraminifers on the Strandzha Massif as relict members of a post-extinction foraminiferal assemblage.



Permian-Triassic bounday, post extinction, foraminifera, Strandzha, Turkey

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