Geological interpretation of selected remote sensing images of the Podhale Basin and neighbouring areas

Stanisław Kibitlewski


The lineament patterns in eastern Pod hale Basin and neighboring part of the Pieniny Klippen Belt are obtained on the basis of high resolution satellite-and airborne radar images and densely-spaced contour line map. There are discussed relations between individual patterns and the patterns and the available data from field mapping are discussed along with usability of the former in geological studies.

Lineament patterns generally differ from one another. depending on data on the basis of which they were established. However. all of them appear very similar to structural scheme of an area. reconstructed with the use of geological data. It is still impossible to single out any homogeneous group of structures on the basis of lineaments but the pattern of radar lineaments appears most similar to that of faults. The remaining lineament patterns (remote sensing satellite-and morpholineaments) appear strongly influenced by other discontinuities, especially all the types of joints.

The whole analysed material appears useful in studies on patterns of discontinuities and intensity of rock fracturing in the Carpathian region. However, any far-reaching tectonic conclusions may be drawn on its basis with marked caution only.

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