Some problems of a geodynamic model of the Northern Carpathian

Kazimierz Żytko


Modified picture of the Earth's crust structure in the Northern Carpathians and their foreland (Fig. 1) is discussed. Karlovy Vary - Radom - Chernigov deep fracture is implied, being introduced as a northern boundary of the Meta-Carpathian range. This fracture cuts both Paleozoic and pre-Vendian (East European) platforms as far as Dnepr-Donetz aulacogen (Fig. 2). According to author's new analysis the western extremity of the Skole flysch near Brzesko is connected with the southern extension of western slope of the Mid-Polish aulacogen. Since Campanian mobile San massif (southern part of the Mid-Polish anticlinorium) was a source area for submarine slumpings and olistolites in the Skole flysch of Przemyśl region. Thrust directions of the Carpathian flysch masses are discussed.

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