Tonstein from the coal seam no. 385 in the Lublin Formation (Lower Westphalian) from the Lublin Coal Basin

Ireneusz Lipiarski, Marek Muszyński, Jerzy Stolecki


One or locally two layers of a tonstein (Graupentonstein) have been observed in the coal seam no. 385 (Westphalian B) between Ostrów Lubelski and Dorohucza. Due to its wide reach the tonstein discussed represents a key horizon of a great practical significance. It is built, apart from the dominant kaolinite, of accessory or trace amounts of: organic matter, quartz, feldspars (sanidine, plagioclase), apatite, crandallite, chaicedone, siderite and pyrite. Due to the petrographic suggestions such as the presence of quartz, feldspars, biotite and apatite, displaying features suggesting their volcanic origin, it can be assumed that the tonstein has been formed resulting from the alteration of the pyroclastic material deposited in the peatbog.

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