Goniatites from the Upper Visean (Kielce Syncline, the Holy Cross Mts, Poland)

Halina Żakowa


Here were described 8 taxons of genera: Bollandites with B. kielcensis sp. n., Goniatites, Girtyoceras and Nomismoceras. These goniatites documented the occurrence of the G. crenistria Zone and subzones: G. crenistria sehmidtianus, G. crenistria intemedius and - the first time in the Holy Cross Mts -lower part of the G. striatus Zone which was indicated by findings of G. striatus (Sowerby) and G. falcatus Roemer. The descriptions of specimens of the group G. crenistria Phillips from the Holy Cross Mts were revised and current goniatite zonation of the Upper Visean deposits there was discussed.

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