New foraminifera of the Campanian and Maastrichtian in the Lublin Region (Eastern Poland)

Eugenia Gawor-Biedowa


Twelve new species of benthic foraminiferes described from rich microfaunal assemblages of Campanian and Maastrichtian deposits from Eastern Poland - Fursenkoina polonica sp.n., Ellipsodimorphina cretacea sp.n., E. hrubieszowiensis sp.n., E. rara sp.n., E. variabilis sp.n., Ellipsoglandulina varsoviensis sp.n., E. inflatocamerata sp.n., E. ovata sp.n., E. polonica sp.n., Nodosarella suturicostata sp.n., Eponides dorsoconvexus sp.n., Gavelinella tenuissima sp.n.

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