Famennian and Tournaisian deposits from the Zdanów IG 1 borehole (Sudetes)

Maria Chorowska, Jerzy Fedorowski, Krzysztof Radlicz


The sandy-conglomeratic rocks and limestones, laying on the Góry Sowie Mts. gneisses and covered with black claystones, belong to the Kłodzko limestones formation. They are deposits of transgressive cycle in which sea depth changes and short-therm regression occurred. They are dated for the Middle costatus Zone. Their sedimentation have been interrupted by periods of non-deposition of bottom sediments in marine conditions. Such period at the Devonian/Carboniferous boundary lasted from horizon with Protognathodus fauna up till lower part of the Upper crenulata Zone. It were stated lack of deposits of the Upper costatus Zone and index for this horizon among conodonts found in neptunic dykes.

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