Origin of the "calcite groats" in the Chelosiowa Cave near Kielce (Holy Cross Mts.) inferred from petrographic and isotopic investigations

Tomasz Durakiewicz, Stanisław Hałas, Zdzisław M. Migaszewski, Jan Urban


The curious calcite grains (“groats”) in the Chelosiowa Cave in the Holy Cross Mts. were examined petrographically and isotopically. A model of rapid CO2 degassing due to dehermetization of the cave interior was invoked to explain extremely negative δ18O values (-11 to -21‰ vs PDB) and enrichment in 13C, up to -4‰ vs PDB. The results of petrographic and geologic investigations precluded a hydrothermal origin of the “calcite groats”.

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