Mineral resources of the Suwałki region

Janina Wiszniewska


This paper presents the resources of the most significant mineral deposits of the Suwałki region, NE Poland (Fig. 1). The deposits are described in a stratigraphic sequence, from the oldest Precambrian ones in the crystalline basement, to the youngest ones in the Quaternary formations. Ilmenite-magnetite ores from the region of Krzemianka, Udryn, Jeleniewo, and Jezioro Okrągłe in the Suwałki Massif are presented, as well as veiny ilmenite-sulphide nelsonites from the vicinity of Łopuchowo. Next, the occurrences of elements, mainly TR-bearing ones, from the Elk and Tajno Massifs are discussed. Water resources and different kinds of sands and gravels from Quaternary deposits of the Suwałki region complete this presentation.

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