Geophysical features of the Slovak Western Carpathians: a review

Mirosław Bielik


The article reviews the important results of the geophysical research in the Slovak Western Carpathians. As the Slovak Western Carpathians has been a target of intensive detailed gravimetric measurements for the last 20 years, an emphasis is given to the interpretation of gravity field. Analysis of the Bouguer gravity anomalies comes from density modelling in local isostatic equilibrium and 2 1/2 D forward density modelling. The results of density modelling together with other geophysical data were used for geological and geophysical interpretation of the lithospheric structure and its tectonics in the Slovak Western Carpathians. Rheology of the lithosphere based on extrapolation of failure criteria, lithology and temperature models is presented. Finally, the obtained results are discussed.


Slovak Western Carpathians; geophysics; gravity modeling; local isostasy; lithosphere

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