Depositional and tectonic controls on Early Badenian clastic sedimentation in the Sandomierz-Tarnobrzeg area (Baranów Beds, northern Carpathian Foredeep)

Anna Wysocka


The distribution, sedimentary environment and tectonic evolution of theLower Badenian clastic deposits (Baranów Beds) in the area between Sandomierz. and Tamobrzeg are described. These deposits represent two facies: transitional marine, continental and open marine. The morphology and microtextures of quartz grains from the Świniary sand-pit indicate changing sedimentary environments in the upper part of the Baranów Beds: from a marine shore-influenced zone gradually through to deeper conditions. The thickness distribution of these deposits shows the influence of a nearby fault zone.


Carpathian Foredeep; Baranów Beds; clastic deposits; quartz grain microtextures; sedimentary environment

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