Comparative Mössbauer studies of the Baszkówka ordinary chondrite and some other meteorites

Jolanta Gałązka-Friedman, Erika R. Bauminger, Israel Nowik, Nonna Bakun-Czubarow, Marian Stępniewski, Jacek Siemiątkowski


It was suggested that perhaps Mössbauer parameters of troilite could serve as a criterion for an interpretation of the origin of various meteorites. It was found that  in three  meteorites coming from the same parent body (Baszkówka, Mt. Tazerzait and Songyuan) the angle between the principal axis of the electric field gradient (EFG) and the direction of the magnetic field in troilite is around 60°. Further investigations showed that in some other meteorites,  not belonging to this group, this angle is close to 90°.



ordinary chondrites; parent body; Mössbauer spectroscopy; O angle; troilite; kamacite; olivine; pyroxene; weathering; oxidation

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