Isotopic Re-Os age of molybdenite from the Szklarska Poręba Huta Quarry (Karkonosze, SW Poland)

Wojciech Mayer, Robert A. Creaser, Ksenia Mochnacka, Teresa Oberc-Dziedzic, Adam Pieczka


New Re/Os isotopic data for molybdenite from the Szklarska Poręba Huta Quarry provide ages of 307 ± 2 Ma and 309 ± 2 Ma, respectively. The quarry is dominated by the porphyritic (“central”) and equigranular (“ridge”) varieties of the Karkonosze granite. Ore mineralisation hosted in aplogranite includes an assemblage of sulphides, sulphosalts, oxides and various rare phases. The molybdenite ages obtained are consistent with a previously published isotopic age of leucogranite (aplogranite?) from the same quarry and are only slightly older than a recently published, refined 206Pb/238U age of untreated zircons from the Szklarska Poręba Huta porphyritic granite. The age of the molybdenite corresponds moderately well to the younger stage of post-magmatic, pneumatolitic/hydrothermal activity of the Karkonosze granite (about 312 Ma)


Karkonosze granite; hydrothermal mineralisation; Re/Os isotopic age

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