Upper Silurian to Middle Devonian conodont faunas from the Rabat-Tiflet area (northwestern Moroccan Meseta)

El Mostafa Benfrika, Pierre Bultynck, Ahmed El-Hassani


Conodont faunas are generally sparse in Pridoli to middle Givetian deposits from the Rabat-Tiflet area in the northwestern Moroccan Meseta. The Pridoli and Lochkovian rocks consist of dark platy limestones alternating with dark shales containing graptolites in some levels. In the overlying part of the succession carbonate rocks predominate with the development of reefoid limestones in the lower Givetian. The eosteinhornensis, sulcatus, dehiscens vel kitabicus, laticostatus/inversus, partitus, ensensis, hemiansatus, timorensis and rhenanus/varcus zones have been recognized by occurrence of the conodont index species.The first appearance of Belodella devonica, occurring together with the graptolite Monograptus uniformis is used as a regional index species for the base of the Devonian. The age of some levels in the succession were previously dated by graptolites, dacryoconarids and rare goniatites.


Morocco; Meseta; biostratigraphy; Pridoli-middle Givetian; conodonts

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