TL age of Upper Pleistocene stratified deposits measured using the additive, regeneration and RG methods

Stanisław Fedorowicz


Stratified sands, which are components of the glacial and interglacial Vilkiskės and Tartokai profiles (Lithuania), were used as research material for experimental dating with the TL method. Sieve analyses of samples collected from stratified sands show varying grain-sizes in the samples, with domination by different fractions indifferent samples. Four aliquot of grains of the same diameter were selected from each sample for further research by means of the additive, regeneration and RG methods. The results showed some consistent patterns, which suggest a direction that future studies could take on these deposits samples. It is necessary, though, to examine grains which comprise a substantial percentage share in the total sample mass.


Lithuania; Pleistocene; thermoluminescence; TL age; laminated lacustrine sand

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