Conodonts and foraminifera from the "Raibl Beds" (Carnian) of the Karavanke Mountains, Slovenia: stratigraphical and palaeobiological implications

Tea Kolar-Jurkovsek, Andrzej Gaździcki, Bogdan Jurkovsek


The micropalaeontology of the "Raibl Beds" of the Kosuta Nappe in the western Karavanke Mts., Slovenia, is described. The presence of the conodont apparatus of Nicoraella? budaensis Kozur and Mock is demonstrated and together with other fossils it confirms a Carnian age. A comparison of the Nicoraella skeletal apparatus with two other Triassic apparatuses is made. The benthic foraminifera Aulotortus sinuosus, A. tumidus, Prorakusia salaji, Pilamminella kuthani and Endothyra kuepperi are recognized. Their stratigraphical range corresponds to the foraminiferal Pilamminella kuthani Interval-Zone. Altogether the palaeontological content of an 85 m-thick section in the upper part of the "Raibl Beds" below Mt. Jepca is described. The diverse fossil content of this section contributes to the intercalibration of Upper Triassic conodont, foraminifer and dasyclad zonations.


Slovenia; Karavanke Mts.; Carnian; "Raibl Beds"; biostratigraphy

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