The Miocene brachiopods from the silty facies of the intra-Carpathian Nowy Sącz Basin (Poland)

Maria Aleksandra Bitner, Andrzej Kaim


The micromorphic brachiopods have been found in the Miocene silty deposits of Kamienica Nawojowska in the intra-Carpathian Nowy Sącz Basin, southern Poland. The assemblage consists of two species Argyrotheca cuneata (Risso, 1826) and A. cordata (Risso, 1826). The presence of stenohaline brachiopods indicates Middle Miocene (?Badenian) age of the sediment. The preliminary sedimentological and palaeoecological analysis suggests that brachiopods and associated fauna might be transported basinward from a shallower setting.


southern Poland; Carpathians; Nowy Sącz Basin; Miocene; brachiopods

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