Stratigraphy and lithology of Quaternary sediments in the Kleczew region and in key sections of the eastern Wielkopolska Lowland, central Poland

Marek Widera


The stratigraphy and lithology of the Quaternary deposits of the KIeczew region are analysed in a regional context. They can be correlated with the Preglacial, Narcvian(?), South Polish, Middle Polish and Vistulian Glaciations, and the Podlasian, Zbójno and Eemian Interglacials. Large glaciotectonic structures, commonly encountered in lignite mines, proved useful in correlating grey tills of the older Pleistocene glaciations. Lithology, stratigraphy, thickness and paIaeomorphology of the Pleistocene sediments were presented in the key sites Konin-Marantów, Mikorzyn, Stawoszewek and in 6 borehole sections. A regional lithastratigraphic scheme of the Quaternary in the eastern Wielkopolska Lowland was constructed basing on petrographic coefficients of tills, lithology, genesis and, finalIy, on hypsometric setting and thickness. In the light of these studies the maximum ice sheet unit of the Oldest Glaciation should be moved to the south from Kleczew. Moreover, tills of the Odranian, Wartanian and Vistulian Glaciations were found.

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