New data on pre-Eocene karst in the Tatra Mountains, Central Carpathians, Poland

Renata Jach, Michał Gradziński, Helena Hercman


Sparry limestone, ferruginous muddy limestone and limestone breccia have been found in the Western Tatra Mts. They occur within Jurassic rocks of the Choč Nappe just below red conglomerates of probable Eocene age. The deposits found bear strong resemblance to the infill of subterranean karst forms. They differ significantly from Quaternary karst deposits of the Tatra Mts. The δ18O values of spelean carbonates suggest crystallisation at relatively high temperatures (over 20°C) whereas their relatively negative δ13C values imply the presence of soil-derived CO2 linked with vegetation dominated by C3 pathway plants. The karst forms and their infill were formed before the Eocene transgression, which shows unequivocally that the Tatra Mts. were subjected to karstification at that time.


cave deposits, speleothems, weathering, Palaeogene

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