Osady pliensbachu na Pomorzu Zachodnim (w związku z zagadnieniem poszukiwania złóż rud żelaza)

Roman Osika



I n t r o d u c t i o n. In NorthwesternPoland in Western Pomerania, there were discovered in 1955 marine sediments of the Middle Lias (Pliensbachian γ2). In these sediments argillaceous and chamoisitic siderites have been found. Due to this; ·there has been investigated somewhat more accurately the zone of exposures of  these sediments extending in the region of Łobez (east of Szczecin).

These same sediments have also been identified in deep bore holes (at Mechowo and Gorzów Wielkopolski), drilled in order to determine the depression structure of the so-called Szczecin (Stettin) basin. In spite of the considerable distance separating these two bore holes, the Pliensbachian sediments disclose a similar development; arid correlation of the individual strata is possible.

The general situation of both the investigated region and the above mentioned bore holes has been shown on Fig. 5.

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